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Lost in the maze of fashion? Me, never! My morning at Tatoi, the 10.000-acre summer estate of the former Greek royal family, however, was really mazy but wonderful at the same time! So, following the lines of my new geometrical printed trousers seemed like the easiest thing to do and a way to add a Grecian hint that was missing from the scenery. ♬ ♪ follow me / Muse

Leathered and Loose

Even though the office days are back for good, the cool weather leaves me no choice but keepin’it loose! So turning my slack out-of-bed look into a confident I-don’t-care outfit was a piece of cake! A key wardrobe item like a perfecto jacket can do the trick and give an edgy feeling to my relaxed afternoon walk in the suburbs. ♬ ♪ comfortably numb / Scissor Sisters

Out of the blue

Good old-fashioned blue is one of this season’s biggest color trends. From deep navy and sky blue to bleach denim, aqua tones and bright cobalt! So, boys are you ready for a head-to-toe blue experience? Any hue will do! ♬ out of the blue / Julian Casablancas

On the way…

Who doesn’t love long weekends, especially when the sun invites you to take a road trip? I myself enjoy mini rural expeditions and, for that reason, on Friday I packed my stuff and headed to Nafpaktia. Surprisingly, the weather had different plans and the clouds washed away the early spring kisses. Still, my adventurous mood was already set to go and no rain could stop me. Wearing my vintage Armani trousers, purchased from Elevensouls a few weeks ago, and my leather jacket for a free-attitude style, I was more than ready to hit the road. ♬ let’s go all the way / Citizens