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So I strike a pose and tilt my chin
And hold the light to suit my skin…

♬ ♪ selfies / Nina Nesbitt



For every good selfie, there are about 35 failed ones!



fuck off iPhone case Black By Candies / baseball Tee by Forever (foreverathens.com)  / jeans by Acne /handmade bracelet with gold stars by Zoe Kompitsi  / 2015 XV lucky bangle by Bettina shop / perforated bracelet by 3rd Floor / homewear by H&M HOME

Photos by Mr D. and me

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  1. LOVE this post! You’ve incorporated two of my favourite things: pink and stars! That black bracelet with the stars is everything!

  2. Jackie Harrison says

    Yeah let me take a selfie you look great and is good to find your right side and lighting cool images and I want that phone case is awesome handsome.

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