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All cats are grey

Everything looks much much better in leopard and leather, albeit in front of a colorless backdrop on a moody day…

♬♪ the man who stole a leopard / Duran Duran

stylentonicgrey_leopardMcQ bootsgrey_leopardReligionleopardstylentonic


leopard sweater and ripped jeans by Zara / jacket with distressed leather by Religion  (shop and Trade) /  leather ankle boots by McQ / shades Ray-Ban clubmaster

Photos by Mr.D

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  1. Jackie Harrison says

    Wow love the street yet hip look you make anything rag into awesome you belong in a billboard boy! love the look always handsome have a great week.

    Your style has been bang on from the beginning but your photos are absolutely cat-ching up!
    Love this post (what else is new?)
    xo reversecommuter

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