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Please do not disturb my summer mood!

With summer just around the corner, I felt so excited that I got invited to the amazing Poseidonion Grand Hotel on the island of Spetses to summerize up a bit this hot spring weekend! I wish I could take the island’s vibe and the aura of the hotel back home; instead, I had to settle for some snapshots to remind me of the overwhelming light breeze of Spetses. Honestly, there is nothing like the greek summer… and, oh yes, I love cocktails by the pool!!!

♬ Heaven / Nouvelle Vague

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  1. Now i’m jealous…. You don’t have to say anything. Images speak by their own.
    Posidonion hotel is a legend anyway and you really fit perfect to it.
    All of you!!

  2. Its amazing place, I would love to be there! Omg, Spectacular place!
    btw love your mirror sunnies I regret I didn’t buy them and now they are sold out:)

  3. Πρώτον,ζήλεψα το μπανάκι και τις μίνι διακοπές σου. Δεύτερον, τις εκπληκτικές φώτο! Χαχαχα!
    Υπέροχα όλα! Φιλιά πολλά και καλό Πάσχα βρε αστέρι!
    Lot’s of love!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous photos and I’m absolutely jealous! Teddy and I are free next time you head that way in case you need more traveling companions. And trust me we’d get along fabulously. I like to lay by the pool with a cocktail, too. Cheers!

  5. I’m so jealous, looks like an amazing weekend!
    Following you on bloglovin
    xo Annie

  6. Ο καλοκαιρινός αέρας πέρασε κατ’ευθείαν μέσα από το post! I envy youuuu!
    Ελπίζω να πέρασες υπέροχα! 🙂

  7. Θα συμφωνησω… οτι η Ελλαδα ειναι μοναδικος καλοκαιρινος προορισμός.
    Πιες ενα κοκτέιλ και για μένα στο ομορφο Ποσειδόνιον!

  8. amo says

    wow you are so lucky
    and please one cocktail for me

  9. υπεροχες οι φωτο!
    θα περασατε τελεια φανταζομαι!!
    ανυπομονω για το καλοκαιρι!!

  10. Amazing pictures. I’d love to be on holidays right now.
    Btw you guys have awesome mirrored sunglasses:-)

    Lots of Love from Ireland
    Ewelina & Eva

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