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Herbal love

I have a confession to make: I’ve become a kind of sweatshirt junkie lately! Definitely, they were a front-row hit in the past year, but keep growing in the sartorial word. And after my beloved Kenzo and Acne must-have sweaters, here comes my super fresh Carven one with embroidered flowers. It was love at first sight!!!

♬ Hesperus Garden / Pepe Deluxe

carven botalical sweatercarven botanical sweaterAngelos frentzos leathercarven_botanicacarven_embroidery_sweatshirt1carven sweatshirtAngelos frentzos jacketHM conscious collectioncarven stylentonic


Botanical logo sweater by Carven / leather jacket by Angelos Frentzos / shirt by H&M Conscious collection / ombré jeans by Ring / slip-on leopard sneakers by Kenzo x Vans / aviators by Ray-Ban

Photos by Mr.D

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  1. parisbyjules says

    Carven sweater + Kenzo shoes … What more could you ask for ?!

  2. That first shot is fab! Once again I just love your location for the shoot. Just perfect.


  3. You certainly know how to make a mere sweatshirt look cool my friend 😉
    And I don’t know how you find your backgrounds, but they are always a perfect match to your outfit.
    xo Natasha

  4. your top is cute. its has nice details.
    you always go to these interesting places.
    great one! 🙂

  5. Wow, that looks comply! I love sweater! I have way to many ( if that’s even possible) And something about a man in flowers is just sexy!!

    Please check out my blog if you have time!

    Thanks love!


  6. stylehuntingblog says

    nooooooooo sweatshirts are for lazy peoplessssss

    xx Domenic

  7. amazing photos!
    sweatshirts are my addiction too! but it’s a really hot spring in my city, so I miss them… yours is awesome!

    love, Gongy

  8. Ti fovero Sweater einai auto!!!!!
    Eida ena arthro gia to blog sto agapimeno mou periodiko Ginaika, tin perasmeni Kiriaki kai irtha na do to blog!!!Mou aresei poli, exeis fovero style kai ta post sou einai freska, just like u!!!!
    Ta leme sixna,

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