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I believe in Pink

Powder, bubblegum, flamingo, coral, dusty… all these refreshing pink shades are waiting to make you blush! Choose your favorite hue and make your spring days even brighter.

♬ ♪ Pink / Aerosmith 



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sweatshirt AMI / shirt Marc Jacobs / iPhone case Maison Kitsuné / trousers Zara / suede jacket Zara / sneakers AMI / shorts Emma Willis / socks Polo Ralph Lauren  / Polo Tee Lacoste / shirt Richard James / Tee Orlebar Brown / Tie Charvet / blazer Hentsch Man / shades Cutler & Cross / cashmere sweater J Crew


  1. romandennis says

    Love this! It’s refreshing to see a trend that’s not plastered over every site/magazine/blog

  2. Jackie Harrison says

    Hi handsome love this post since I just find out we both have something in common the love of Pink my favorite. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Hah i love pink too, although it’s only recently, used to be a total tom boy!

    Could you please check out my blog if you have time! I’m a loyal reader to all my followers 🙂 I’d really appreciate any tips/pointers you may have for me!

    Love, Val

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