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Nature at my service

The past four days were definitely the best way to welcome the new year, since I got to spend them in the snowy countryside with my friend Dimitris. Enjoying long walks in the snow, playing and skiing on the mountain slopes, and simply taking in the fascinating white landscape made me realise how much I miss nature. Luckily, my new Moncler coat that Santa brought me for Christmas turned out to be both the warmest and wisest choice. However, I can’t say the same about my white leather All Star sneakers which may have seemed whiter on the snow, but left my toes get freezing cold!! And all that is just a glimpse of what happened. More mountain adventures are on their way xxx C.

♬ let it snow / Frank Sinatra


snowride28 snowride27 snowride26snowride24snowride23snowride19snowride22snowride20snowride4snowride2snowridesnowride7snowride5snowride10snowride11snowride13snowride16snowride15snowride18snowride17snowride12snowride14

I was wearing

 Moncler Gamme Bleu jacket / Kenzo tiger sweater Spring Summer 2013 / Burberry jeans / Converse All star white leather sneakers / Gap leather gloves / Oakley VR/46 frogskins (special edition, Valentino Rossi) sunglasses / Kenzo tiger iPhone case Spring Summer 2013

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  1. Perfect pictures in the snow (you are lucky !!). I love your sweater and the first picture is so funny !! 🙂

  2. Great shots you got there. Beautiful countryside and you are very handsome. Love the last shot! Glad you had fun in the snow.

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