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playground love

Last week was endless! Too much work, tense and very hot weather! Me no likey!!! This week I want fun and colors! My friend Athina had this super playground idea and  here I am… happy and casual like a playground love! So come on guys what are you waiting for, put on your biggest smile, wear your colored sweatpants and come along, a nice and playful day has just begun!

♬ playground love / air

vest: H&M / t-shirt: Zara / sweatpants: Free City  

sunglasses: Oakley VR/46 frogskins -Valentino Rossi / sneakers: Common Projects / bag: Lanvin


  1. Athina says

    Play… play…. play…. paygroundddd!!!! my favorite is the forth from the end!!!!

  2. Anny says

    Που ειναι αυτη η χαρουμενη παιδικη χαρα να ερθουμε και μεις???Εχω πολυ αναγκη απο χαλαρωση!

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