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welcome to the zoo!

Leopards, dogs, tigers, birds and horses are here to stay! Don’t worry they don’t bite, they just want to play, so wear your leopard sneakers and follow the animal trend!

♬ monster / citizens

hey Noah, we are going to need a bigger boat!

vintage printed cotton t-shirt: Jc De Castelbajac /

never mind the dog, beware of owner!!!

wool cashmere rottweiler scarf: Givenchy /

take a walk on the wild side…

 leopard print calf hair sneakers: Yves Saint Laurent /

 let me be your gummy bear

 lights: GummyGoods night lights /

when a fox preaches, take care of your tee!

  fox print cotton jersey t-shirt: aubin & wills /

come on tiger let’s dance…

cd: Leo Zero / Acid life

I wanna ride on a white horse…

grey linen t-shirt: Dead meat /

a green leopard!!! nature is playing games with me and I like it!

green short sleeve leopard shirt: Topman /

dsquared- dsquared-dsquarrrrrrrrrred… said the parrot

nylon parrot print swimming shorts: Dsquared2 /

let’s take a nap in the zoo! Why not?

tibetan tiger cushion: Leh


  1. amalia says

    nai, nai to xero , exo katadisei grafiki, alla… TIN QUEENY GIATI DEN TIN EVALES????????????
    anyway, i like the shoes very very much!!!

  2. Anny says

    Πολυ ομορφη η μπλουζα με το αλογο.Λατρευω τα αλογα!

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