Month: May 2012

fashion’s day off!

Yes guys today is fashion’s day off!! It’s eurovision on!!! So get ready for a kitschy euro night! Wear your flashy outfits, pop your pop corns and have fun with friends! That’s what I’ m going to do! P.S. love sweden’s song… ♬ Euphoria / Lorreen

animal instict

Yesterday was a really amazing!! After work I went with my friend Athina to Angelos Frentzos showroom for some summer shopping, playing and instagramming!!! Yes it’s always fun at the fashion zoo don’t you think? ♬ animal / neon trees

shy jacket!

OK I admit it, red is not my favorite color! But here I am with a red blazer! That’s the trick with shopping online, you see so many things you’d never wear and with just one click, ta-daaaaa… you have them delivered! So easy! The rest is up to you. A red blazer can be loud, but with the right combination you can twist it to an alternative cool piece. White t-shirt, distressed army trousers, blue printed espadrilles and ready to go! ♬ red hunting jacket / little scream 

rock the gym!

I’ m into kick boxing (and studs) lately! Keeps me fit and takes all my tense away, you should try it! So I decided to make this comfy ” rock the gym” look for an extra credit but I don’t think my teacher will appreciate it!!! I hope you will… ♬ Kick ass / Mika Vs RedOne

color my day!

I don’t usually like Mondays but today is my name day, so I decided to make a small wish list to color my day… and yours of course! If anyone’s interested, I have all the details above. I wish you all a colorful week ahead! ♬ That’s no my name / the TIng Tins a multicolor scarf, it’s still windy at nights! silk multicolor scarf: Jaquarshoes Collective / a bird print shirt, my cats will love it ( I have 3)!!!! bird print shirt: Marc by Marc Jacobs /