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animal instict

Yesterday was a really amazing!! After work I went with my friend Athina to Angelos Frentzos showroom for some summer shopping, playing and instagramming!!! Yes it’s always fun at the fashion zoo don’t you think?

♬ animal / neon trees

Hey little bunny…Yes I ‘m a fashion pig!!it’s the animal, it’s the animal, it’s the animal instinct in me!Athina is trying to fly!!! Go girl!!What are you looking at?

thank you for everything  Mr. Angelos, you are my hero!!! Your B.

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Hi! I'm Constantinos Tzachas, founder of stylentonic.com. I reside in Athens and work as an art director for the Greek edition of ELLE magazine. I'm obsessed with fashion, pop culture & sparkling drinks. Welcome to my blog! Fill your glasses with some style 'n' tonic and enjoy the ride...


  1. Athina says

    Oh Yes!!! Yesterday I’ve gone to a Zoo parade!!! And was so close to fly away…..

  2. margotfonteyn says

    Tin epomeni fora thelo na ertho k ego mazi sas, pernate teleia kai zilevo poli!!!!

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