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Energy Supply

Following my long weekend at Spetses, Easter arrived right on time to add some extra fuel to my already overloaded summer state of mind. A loose casual outfit along with my new summer must-have Bensimon tennis shoes, inspired by old-army canvas sneakers, was all set to help me venture new destinations with an ever basic sophisticated twist! ♬ Never Seen Such Good Things / Devendra Banhart

Summer spells

Not exactly the sunniest day for a beachside escape but definitely the right place to launch my recently-purchased Kenzo Vans! So, a new pair of shoes, some palm trees on my chinos, a festive exotic Tee and a just-in-case suede jacket is all that you need to turn a moody Sunday to a bright one! Works like a charm, ain’t it? ♬ summer fires-hidden spells / Wild Club

The lovecats

Although chores are not much fun, they need to be done no-matter-what! In this case, my fluffy Persian cats had to be taken for grooming, ’cause they desperately needed a “hair-cat” and, truth be told, I haven’t been the best father lately. So, when having to run errands of this kind, is there a way to cheer things up? A smart “color my day” outfit is surely a good start. Looking good in the neighborhood always helps, don’t you think? ♬ The lovecats / The Cure

On the way…

Who doesn’t love long weekends, especially when the sun invites you to take a road trip? I myself enjoy mini rural expeditions and, for that reason, on Friday I packed my stuff and headed to Nafpaktia. Surprisingly, the weather had different plans and the clouds washed away the early spring kisses. Still, my adventurous mood was already set to go and no rain could stop me. Wearing my vintage Armani trousers, purchased from Elevensouls a few weeks ago, and my leather jacket for a free-attitude style, I was more than ready to hit the road. ♬ let’s go all the way / Citizens