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The unforgiven…

…What I’ve felt,
What I’ve known
Never shined through in what I’ve shown.
Never free.
Never me.
So I dub thee unforgiven.

♬ ♪ the unforgiven / Metallica



red blazer by MSGM  / Metallica T-shirt by H&M/ chunky cardigan and ripped jeans by Zara / belt by A.P.C. / handmade brooch by Amalia Karageorgou / horsebit leather loafers by Gucci /

Photos by Xenia

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  1. Αγαπημένο άσμα, αγαπημένο συγκρότημα και το κόκκινο αγαπημένο χρώμα που σου πηγαίνει απίστευτα!

  2. Melissa says

    Nice outfit, again another good combo, more formal in a great showstopping color with the ripped jeans and t-shirt.
    Metallica….. sweetie pie now I am feeling my age! I was a teenager when they came out, hahahaha!!!!!!!! I don’t even think you were an apple in your Mamma’s eye yet.
    Anywho, I think I have aged more gracefully than most of the 80’s metal bands, if I may say so myself:)
    Spring time I love doing blazers and jeans, it dresses up an otherwise casual outfit and that means I can get away with jeans at the office and still business enough.

  3. More men should incorporate bold red and sock-less loafers into their looks. You look really good in yours 🙂

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