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Something about space dude

Sitting here with nothing to say
Looking out the window it just rained
But the sun’s up for the day
And there’s probably a rainbow
But I don’t care
Cause all the colors left with you…

Oh space dude in your space boots
I got to be high to deal with your moods
But maybe it’s me and I got to change my views
Oh space dude in your space suit
Our love it takes us to the moon
But you leave me up there…

♬ ♪ space boots / Miley Cyrus



knit by Eleven Paris  / wool trousers by Reign  (both from shopatshop.gr)  / leather boots by Migato / belt  by Iro / socks by American Apparel

PS. Oh yes, I’m pretty fucking obsessed with the new Miley Cyrus album!

Photos by Xenia

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  1. Jackie Harrison says

    Loving your cool outfit handsome, sorry I had not visit on IG my account been hack since Monday night trying to get it fix.

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