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Secret kisses… tropical heartbeats!

Kisses are such simple things, we hardly notice them. But if we paid more attention, we’d see that each kiss conveys a meaning of its own like “I’m so happy to see you”, or “baby, I will always love you”, or “honey, you look great in your tropical shorts”. The trick is to know the difference. Still, whatever its meaning might be, each kiss reflects a basic human need – the need to connect with another human being. This desire is so strong and it’s always amazing when you feel its power!

♬ ♪ kiss me once / Kylie Minogue



T-shirt and shorts by Sundek (shop and trade) / sunglasses by Carrera / sneakers by Saint Laurent

photos by Xenia

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  1. Πόσο ωραία σεταρίστικε η βερμούδα με το χρώμα απο τις κάλτσες!

    Καλό ΣουΚου 🙂

  2. Jackie Harrison says

    I agree with you 100 percent kisses is deeper than we think you look amazing love the shorts handsome and a big kiss to you

  3. You are giving me some music festival realness.

    New post and please follow me on BL.

    Bloglovin : tinyurl.com/ndpuscu
    Blog : uniqueyeah.blogspot.com

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