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Tie me up!

Tired of the same ol’ same ol’ T-shirt/Blazer combination? No problem… just belt it! Thrown on your favorite blazer, fix a wrap belt around your waist for an easy update to your classic jacket and see things through a different lens.

♬ ♪ tighten up / The Black Keys



Blazer by COS / T-shirt by Polo Ralph Lauren / Pyjama trousers by Intimissimi / sneakers by Saint Laurent / sunglasses by Dior / belt, custom made / pineapple iPhone case by Accessorize

Photos by Xenia

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  1. Interesting idea, it has some Japanese feeling I have to say, and I like it =)
    Btw., that iPhone case is gorgeous, I am pineapple (and cacti) lover, I need to get it =D

    Have a fantastic week,

  2. Hmmm — I am loving the outfit, but am undecided by the tie belt….don’t know why. XO

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