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TOCing about BLOGging on Web TV 😛 Check it out guys…

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  1. Σε είδα, σε καμάρωσα. Πολύ ωραία τα είπες, έχεις τρομερή άνεση μπροστά στην κάμερα και σε λατρεύει ο φακός. Τι άλλο θέλεις??

  2. Jackie Harrison says

    You look amazing on the show and how cool Congratulation my friend so well deserve to get that recognition for your hard work.

  3. Seen the interview, the outfits you selected to feature are stylish. Good job 🙂 Guess the song: Θα ‘μαι μια ζωή δίπλα σου εγώ

  4. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah congratulation!!
    love the jacket!!!!!
    but i would also want the english translation 😦

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