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Island Life

Wet and sandy postcards from Schinoussa island, Greece xxx C.

♬ ♪ waves / Mr. Probz

blog SchinoussaSchinoussa_essentialsSchinoussa_sunsetSchinoussas_facesSchinoussa_Archipelagos_hotelSchinoussa_donkeySchinoussa_rocksSchinoussa_sunset_stylentonicSchinoussa_BK_jewelsSchinoussa_stylentonicSchinoussa_figsSchinoussa_sand_stepsSchinoussa_night_lifeSchinoussa_catSchinoussa_viewSchinoussa_kellySchinoussa_dirty_dancingSchinoussa_summerSchinoussa_greek_saladSchinoussaSchinoussa_seaSchinoussa_beach

island essentials: hat and pareos from local flea market / suntan oil by Hei Poa / beach towel by Sun of a Beach / marble printed swim-shorts by H&M / orange mirror sunglasses by G-Sevenstars / rosary necklace by BK Jewels / white wayfarer by Ray-Ban

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  1. Such amazing photos ❤ ❤ a wonderful place for a short holiday, The sunset's breathtaking and the beach looks amazing, the people seem so nice and very energetic and i love the picks for the trip u've made xx

  2. jonthegold says

    Hi man. I hope u had a nice stay over there. Beautiful atmosphere. Love the photos

    – Another Look ontheblog –
    Greets Jon

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