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Just an illusion

After last week’s balanced styling mood, I had the desire to let my sartorially adventurous spirit utterly free and try on a daring print on print outfit! A bold pattern with dark hues and paisleys won’t let this balmy day go unnoticed for sure. Too much? Exactly my point! If you are determined to overdo it, just go all the way!

♬ ♪ just an illusion / Imagination


stylentonicstylentoniczoe kompitsiH&M paisleysillusion


shirt, shorts and aviators by H&M / shoes by COS / handmade bracelets by  Zoe Kompitsi / socks by Prada

Photos by ourfancyworld

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  1. Wow, it is a daring set, but you look perfect, These colors suit you so well! Have a great start of week ❤

  2. Whoo! I just saw the shirt, initially, then the short appeared in the frame – crazy bold. XO

  3. Of course, you nailed summer’s trend with this amazing matching two-piece set. We love that you were daring enough to rock the knee socks and the dress shoes with the outfit. Super handsome!
    xoxo N&N

  4. You always teasing me with your bright and cool clothes, now I really want to have the same shirt and shorts:))) awwwww , we are almost in winter here:))))))

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