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A day of high contrasts!

The very first minutes of the day foreshadowed the erratic course of what was to come. The weather turned from sunny into cloudy and vice versa; my down-filled coat and my old but never forgotten metallic Gucci penny loafers posed in front of a Grecian background; and on top of everything else, my car from being in full motion driving me all over Athens ran out of gas in the middle of one of the busiest roads. Talk about shakiness…

♬ ♪ inevitable / Scissor Sisters



coat by Antony Morato (shop and Trade) / varsity stripe long sleeve T-Shirt by Topman / jeans by Insight / driving gloves by Zara / metallic leather penny loafers by Gucci / sunglasses by Persol

Photos by Mr.D

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  1. Your loafers is timeless masterpiece for all times! Do love your warm jacket, I should find kinda the same. Looking at you it’s kinda cold weather, but looking at sky -my brain says hang on it’s so warm:) good mother nature contradiction:) Have a good Monday, it’s still Monday?

  2. It’s the whole dichotomy of life which makes it exciting ! For sure, you know how to handle this with a super-sleek yet comfy outfit, which is highlighted by this truly magnificent Grecian background ! XXX

  3. Those metallic loafers are so hot.

    It is weird seeing you dressed so warm. I’m used to seeing you seaside in billowy cotton : )


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