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Class Rebel

Last weekend, the weather definitely called for a joy ride outside Athens. Albeit totally unplanned, it was set up in a heartbeat. So while wearing my American varsity jacket, my ripped black jeans and being completely lost somewhere between athletic-rock and Zara-love crossroads, I felt that I’ m finally ready for a belated college revolution!

♬♪ teenage riot / Sonic Youth

zara stylentonic class_rebel_zara_lookzarazara jacketzar varsity jacket zara varsityzara_ankle_boots_menzara men a/w14zara


varsity jacket, black ripped jeans, ankle boots all by Zara new collection / white Tee, red plaid shirt both by Zara / shades Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Photos by Mr.D

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  1. Love how the super-cool jacket echoes ’60s cool while the fantastic ripped jeans evoke ’90s grunge aesthetic ! Thumbs up for exuding 3 decades of rock in a single look ! XXX

  2. Carolina says

    Who’s this hot guy?! I really like the location and your look is Ah-Mazing!
    Love the varsity jacket but most of all I truly adore how you put a pop of tartan in your fab look, must confess that I’d never thought that varsity will be great with tartan but you have created a dreamy look matching them! Great result honey!



  3. College students wish they looked this good!
    Fab outfit – those boots are perfect with the destroyed jeans.

    What is the setting of these pictures? The stonework makes such a layered background – very cool effect.
    xo reversecommuter

  4. Ah you look tres chic as usual and what a great back drop. Loving the Zara garments. I was in Zara last Friday and got a quilted MC jacket for $100 and I LOVE it! Wearing it to the Lucky Fabb conference this week.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  5. Loving your outfit, I want everything you’re wearing! Serious wardrobe envy going on right now! Loving the layout refresh too, looking slick! x

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