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Drink me!

A T-shirt is worth a thousand words ( Well, I guess I’m an eternal optimist! I always see the glass half-full ) 😉

♬ ♪ rehab / Amy Winehouse

Chunk T-shirtChunk TeeChunk clothing T-shirtAcne jogger pantsChunk clothingnew balance bostonnew balance boston


drink me Tee by Chunk (urbanoutfitters.co.uk) / denim jogger pants by Acne / running shoes New Balance Limited Edition Boston 890V3 (slamjamsocialism.com) / shades Oakley Aquatique Frogskins

Photos by Mr.D

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  1. Athensbyday says

    Ta New Balance einai gamataaaaa!!!!!!! alla kai to t shirt einai apistefto lov them both

  2. Lovely T-shirt and great photos. I love how the yellow element in the shirt picks up the yellow in the shoes and brings sunshine to the outfit. Lovely! Sara

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