Day: May 30, 2013

Moon supervision

Finding the right location for shooting an outfit isn’t as easy as you may think, ‘cause even though a plain floral background could do the trick, trouble might be waiting just around the corner! Indeed, on the day I was shooting my latest digital-print sweatshirt addiction, two arrogant, clueless I dare say, security guards had the nerve to demand that I stopped the shooting! Surely, taking photos on the sidewalk is not a crime and definitely not against the law. As you have already guessed, stopping me was out of the question, although I may have given some meaning to their monotonous professional life along the way. So, here I am with my moon shades look… and everyone lived happily ever after! PS. My dear security guards, Get a life and check out my blog! xxx ♬ ♪ moonshine / Bruno Mars