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Athens Unplugged in the DenimLand

The first live session of “Athens Unplugged in the Denimland” took place a few days ago at the Lee Wrangler store in the Mall Athens! A unique live performance by the young singer-songwriter Nalyssa Green especially for fashion bloggers, fashion designers and ambassadors of Lee & Wrangler. The dreamy voice of Nalyssa, the cozy  atmosphere and the delicious pizza made that night simply unforgettable!

♬  snow / Nalyssa Green


Unplugged_inthe_Denimland2 Unplugged_inthe_Denimland3 Unplugged_inthe_Denimland Unplugged_inthe_Denimland6 Unplugged_inthe_Denimland7 Unplugged_inthe_Denimland8 Unplugged_inthe_Denimland9 Unplugged_inthe_Denimland10

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