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School’s out…

“Well we got no choice, all the girls and boys, making all that noise, cause they found new toys…” Yes my friends it’s that time of the year, summer holidays are here!!! Play like a child, swim like a dolphin, feel free like a breeze and stay tuned for wet, fresh, new style ‘n’ tonic adventures… ♬ school’s out / Glee 


Finally it’s Friday! This week I had a really busy instagram agenda, full of work, fun, sushi and surprises!!! I hope you guys enjoy the photos! Have a relaxing weekend… xxx ♬ friend crush / friends Thursday afternoon… chasing the sun

cool in the pool

Yesterday after a hard day at the magazine, I crashed at my sister’s place for a cool summer afternoon at the pool and it was really refreshing! Yes there’s always a way to summerize a working day. All that you need is an exotic outfit, a positive attitude and if you are lucky enough an amazing sister with a swimming pool!!! ♬ cool in the pool / Holger Czukay