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Nike PHOTOiD: where Air Max meets Instagram

Your favorite instagram pics are the inspiration behind Nike Air Max colorways thanks to Nike PHOTOiD. Just link your instagram account to, choose your best photo, choose your Nike, check out your unique design and share it. Even better, buy yourself a new pair of kicks! Yes, it’s crazy and addictive! ♬ color dropping / Eskmo 

Pop goes the world

…For once, we’ll do what come naturally. We’ll approach it casually. With no apology. For once we can have the final say… goodbye to yesterday, ’cause  they know we ‘re hear to say… Pop pop pop goes the world, NEW SENSATION!!! ♬ Pop goes the world / Gossip

It’s different for GIRLS…

Yes GIRLS show is my new HBO addiction! I saw the 10 episodes in just one weekend and I can’t wait for season 2 to star! The girls are so different! They are funny. They are selfish. They drink. they take drugs. They screw up! They do so many horrible things and you are going to love them for that! Created and starring by Lena Dunham, The GIRLS are here to stay! Don’t miss them!!! ➤ watch The GIRLS trailer here!