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Mr. Juke’s sweet giveaway!

Yep, the weather is still gorgeous and a picnic sounds like an easy-breezy sort of affair! What’s not to love about sitting in nature and enjoying a plate full of delicious food? And if you want to make this yummy outdoor activity extremely luscious, don’t forget to put these one-of-a-kind Greek products by Mr. Juke in your basket! Premium handmade jams, chutneys and tea, ideal to upgrade a simple meal to gourmet and have an unforgettable dining experience! Thank you Mr. Juke for making our lives so sweet and tasteful! What are you waiting for? WIN these delightful products & sweeten up your day! Three winners, three products for each winner! All you need to do is: like my fan page HERE like Mr. JUKE’S fan page HERE write a comment on this post Διαγωνισμός Mr. JUKE’S Tρείς νικητές, τρία γευστικά προϊόντα για κάθε νικητή! κάνε like στην fan page μου ΕΔΩ κάνε like στην fan page του Mr. JUKE’S ΕΔΩ γράψε ενα σχόλιο στο τέλος του post και μπες στην κλήρωση!

Pop goes the world

…For once, we’ll do what come naturally. We’ll approach it casually. With no apology. For once we can have the final say… goodbye to yesterday, ’cause  they know we ‘re hear to say… Pop pop pop goes the world, NEW SENSATION!!! ♬ Pop goes the world / Gossip