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Sweater weather giveaway

Do you like geometric prints? Enter the giveaway to win this unisex sweater from Choies and make a sharp yet sophisticated black & white statement! all you need to do is like my fan page HERE write a comment on this post Διαγωνισμός Choies Κάνε like στην fan page μου ΕΔΩ γράψε ενα σχόλιο στο τέλος του post και μπες στην κλήρωση for more fashion click

Me and my manket

Forget about the knitted scarfs, ’cause the “man blanket” is definitely one of my favorite winter garments this season! Just wrap yourself into a warm cozy manket (man+blanket=manket) with an edgy print and give an extra spicy flavor to your winter look! Don’t you think it’s super fun that you can walk out of the house pretending you’re still in bed, but also feeling ultra stylish? Oh, yes I sure do! ♬ ♪ wrapped up / Olly Murs feat. Travie McCoy