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Essentials for your Spring wardrobe

Fashion may not be a strong suit for all men, but learning how to incorporate style into your wardrobe is not as difficult as one might think. Although Esquire shares that there are several habits that you need to insert into your daily routine in order to look sharper and bring out your confidence. The most important thing to remember when trying to branch out into fashion is that you purchase items that help you feel comfortable in your own skin while looking as suave as ever. Designers continue to push the boundaries in the industry using the runway as a platform to share their artistry, however to the everyday man, fashion isn’t so much about art as it is more about the wearability of the clothes. The trends that dominate Fashion Week are really no use for us if the garments aren’t comfortably fitted, as the men’s brand King Size Direct reminds all the men out there that feeling good is the very first step to looking good. Spring is all about new beginnings, …

The Hero

Fashion is something like war. Trends are fighting… Clothes, shoes, accessories try to get into your closet… Goodies are flirting with your desire leaving many, many fashion victims behind. If you want to survive you must be careful. Styling is a dangerous game. Overdose might kill you… If not, you are a hero! *the photo shoot took place at Phaleron war cemetery ♬ time for heroes / The libertines