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Splendour in the grass

Nothing better than a vibrant splash of color, a pair of blue jeans and my all-time-favourite Grecian sandals for a breezy afternoon in the new bar-restaurant Ark. Grass-green, easy fit, nostalgic mood… a fresh mix to boost a low-key outfit and feel the summer vibe. ♬ ♪ splendour in the grass / Pink Martini

Tequila sunrise

Wake up calls with fresh orange juice, lazy afternoons with breathtaking sunsets, dizzy nights with colorful cocktails! Lately orange is in my daily program and I absolutely like it, the only thing missing is a low budget orange outfit to complete the picture! So here it is… bold, shiny, full with summer vitamins and low in calories! Expensive or not doesn’t matter, it’s the attitude and the right details that make the difference! ♬ blister in the sun / Nouvelle vague