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I call you honey

My honey-pink trousers show that I’m still flirting with summer, but my new denim jacket tries to be my future bestie so hard and reminds me that fall is on the way and nothing can change that. Who cares? One-two-three… I go free singing…
Because it’s fresh and new
Because it’s oh so true
I call you honey
One wish to be fulfilled
I will go on until
You call me honey too
On Monday the break through
On Tuesday I made you my own
First it was easy now…
We got to decide
You and I
Cause we’re one heart
Cut in two parts
I call you honey Honey

♬ ♪ I call you honey / Sunday Sun 



pink trousers from local thrift shop / denim jacket by Mango / tank top by Prada / sandals by Lanvin

Photos by Xenia

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