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Vigorous sunset!

Wearing my ultimate lightweight Nike Tech Windrunner jacket and my sporty Pantone swim-shorts, feeling the salty breeze on my skin, touching the beautiful dusk sky… this vibrant summer afternoon fills me with all the energy that I need for a punchy night when everything is possible! Come along…

♬ ♪ harder better faster stronger / Daft Punk

Nike stylentonicNike

stylentonicstylentonic nikesunsetNikeNike JacjetNikeNike jacketNike


lightweight tech windrunner jacket by Nike (get it here) / swim shorts Pantone (Central Disposal Salt Water, tel. 210 8940813) / tank top by Zara

Photos by Mr D.

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  1. Rafael says

    Dude, I love your clothes, I mean your jacket is so colorful, amazing amazing!

    Nice post

  2. Woow! That pics are awesome! Such a beautiful twilight! I’m impressed!
    You looks great on that sporty look!

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