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Holiday photo diary

That’s right, holidays are officially over! After the first two days back to the reality of the magazine and the new issue’s deadlines that can hardly be met, all I can ask for is a sweet encore of this joyful Xmas noise still jingling in my ears! This photo diary is here to bring back all the fun moments of the holiday season and welcome the fresh beginnings…

♬♪ just can’t get enough / Depeche Mode


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  1. Ahhhh what could be better than good food, good friends and good times. Fabulous highlights! Only thing missing is us 😉

    XOXO N&N

  2. Athens says

    Oh so sweet!!!! oi kalikantzaroi are the best hehehehe
    Ante kai tou xronou

  3. Great photos ! First one is so funny !
    Love the new design of your blog. Happy New Year 2014 ! 🙂

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