Aloha Spirit

Interact rightfully in the natural world. “Aloha” means harmony, helpfulness, humility and unity. More than a greeting, it’s a way of life…

♬ ♪ hawaiian air / Friendly Fires

stylentonic alohaHM Aloha

aloha stylentonicHM tank topsun of a beach

have you told someone ALOHA today?

alohapaul & Joestylentonic


Aloha tank top by H&M / vintage embroidered shorts by Paul & Joe / sneakers Kenzo x Vans / hawaiian tropic towel by Sun of a Beach (get it here)

Photos by Mr D.

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63 thoughts on “Aloha Spirit

  1. Aloha from Hawaii. Too funny how you have that shirt all the way in Greece. But makes sense, my Dad, Sister and Niece are all on a tour of Greece this week! (My Dad lives in HI, Sister and Niece are from Chicago) They are in Crete today. Nice Shirt! :)

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