Energy Supply

Following my long weekend at Spetses, Easter arrived right on time to add some extra fuel to my already overloaded summer state of mind. A loose casual outfit along with my new summer must-have Bensimon tennis shoes, inspired by old-army canvas sneakers, was all set to help me venture new destinations with an ever basic sophisticated twist!

♬ Never Seen Such Good Things / Devendra Banhart

Oakley Aquatique collectionHackett shirtBensimon men shoesBensimon gray tennis shoesstylentonic.comReign chinosOakley aquatiqueReign anchor sweater


handmade anchor print sweater & red chinos by Reign / plaid shirt by Hackett /  (all from shop & trade) gray tennis shoes Bensimon ( shades Oakley limited edition Aquatique Frogskins (

Photos by Mr.D

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61 thoughts on “Energy Supply

  1. loving the shirt around your waist and the bright colors going on
    check out my latest outfit post “The Dweeb Direction:Finally 16″ on THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SENSE-

  2. μαρεσουν πολυ τα χρωματιστα παντελονια την ανοιξη , και το συνδιασες πολυ ωραια!!

  3. Love your printed sweater and enjoyed the idea of this photo-shoot by the tank station, great! :)

  4. love the shades, adore the bensimons! Last time I was in France everyone used to wear these shoes, it’s like their “national shoe”. I’m definitely getting a pair pretty soon!

  5. What a magical setting you found, there. I just love a good dilapidated gas station, especially in that beautiful Greek sunlight! C’est magnifique!

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