Off to the races

This time our location hunt had an interesting twist which led us to an open-air warehouse filled with containers, loading docks and pallet racks. Since I was already in a techno-sporty attitude, this industrial-like setting matched perfectly my latest low-budget Zara-sales purchase.
Given the location, therefore, and my tracksuit outfit, I’ve come to a resolution: It’s about time to work out and put some money in my piggy bank for the Spring-Summer collections’ race. So, there’s only one thing left to do…

♬ off to the races / Lana Del Ray




sweatshirt & sweatpants by Zara / wool scarf by H&M / Tee by American Vintage / trainers Nike Air Max / leather bag by Hugo Boss / sunglasses Oakley VR/46 frogskins

photos by Mr. D

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